Carol Rath has painted landscapes for over 25 years.

Her work has been displayed by galleries in Toronto, Canada; Lima, Peru; Taos, New Mexico and more recently Clarksburg, Ontario. Much of her work has been inspired by vistas often associated with deserts, alpine plateaus, fields and forests; and sometimes ice, snow and water. In her works she tries to capture a feeling of beauty and tranquility from the land and its many fascinating moods and forms.

Artistic Statement

Painting for me is both a joy and a challenge. The pleasure of playing with my paints each day always takes me to a happy place. While I started painting in my twenties I really embraced it when my children had taken flight. Thanks to a supportive husband, painting became a core part of my life.

The landscapes around me are an important stimulus and a source of inspiration. Each environment I have lived in – from the Southwest USA, to Peru and to the Great lakes area where I now live has had its own unique impact on me. The challenge is always to capture the simplicity of what is out there, rather than being too site specific. Finding the right color and the spatial organization of a scene is the goal, and this approach also translates well to still life compositions.

I am inspired by many artists but Milton Avery must be my favorite. He was a master at simplifying subjects, be they landscapes or still lifes. Finding just the perfect colors and spatial design for each painting is a daily test of my abilities when I am in my studio.